The Moment.

The Moment.
Seems fitting….Beginning the ColourUpLife blog after a hiatus on Australia Day.
Commonly referred to as Salmon.
Pantone have nominated their version Rose Quartz 13-152 as the international colour of the year 2016, this hue is the softest nude pink a little too ‘pastel’ to work within our Australian Light.
So we are ‘tweaking’ the Pantone colour of the year adding some grey. This reduces the white glow thus making it possible to use within Australian Light.
Or as a great Australian Paint company Haymes calls the colour, Blushing Peach.
But ColourUp will call it Snapper.

This colour way can be can be stretched to include very muted terracotta’s.
I cringe a little with this term. Terracotta. Please don’t imagine the loud orange seen in Mexico.
The muted terracotta’s I use in Australia are modifications of browns and coppers. Dull almost, not vibrant.
But here let us explore a colour we will see in varying forms of tints, tones, shades and pastels during the next year. ColourUps Snapper!
Please note.
To assist with the questions,
What do I work this with?
How can I mix my textures with these colours?
And how can I involve this colour in my life?
A selection of images from nature are interspersed. This visually will give you creative ideas on forms, shapes, patterns and textures to embrace that are enhanced by the Colours in Snapper.
Heads up. These colours and textures are the new Trend for 2016.
Enjoy the journey through nature with ColourUps Snappers.







What does this snapper range of colours mean for your life?
Essentially a fusion of the blue and orange psychologies. But creating a ‘pinky’ colour…. Complex.
My interpretation would be –
You like to give and receive nurturing.
You are in touch with your earthy feminine side.
You are probably reserved and calm.
A level headed communicator and can see your way through most complex issues.

It is interesting, favourite colours are more and more becoming selected from the blended colours. Perhaps we are becoming deeper and more multipart in our thinkings. Umm?
These colours. How do we make them?
Snappers would belong to the Blue and Orange neutral group mix.
By mixing your colour wheel opposites in varying degrees you can create the perfect line of dark neutrals. Blending these colours with small amounts of grey – voila a flawless group of neutrals (suitable for Australian Light).
By blending Blue and Orange as seen here, you can see the Snappers.
The Trends in colours and textures are all about organics. Forms that have an unstructured movement to them.
No two pieces the same, disconnected. But due to the muted soft palettes and naturalness there is an ease and peacefulness about the designs. Very Natural Mother Nature.
Colours to include with this group. Teals, olives, biscuits and sand.

I love this colour wheel –
“New Gamboge, Speedball Red, Joe’s Blue (Phthalo) Color Wheel
The Color Wheel on the left an example watercolor, color wheel.
To the right is a color wheel showing neutrals created by mixing near complements from the colors created for the wheel on the left.”
Snappers when blended / worked with natural colours, forms and shapes. Has none of the connotations of the 1980 apricots or the somber 1930 design periods.

Ofcourse, in Australia, we honour the original artists.
Aboriginal art is created using only colours and patterns from nature. And the language of symbols.
And a Jessica Zoob. The UK contemporary artist who works unstructured, mystical and merges colours for dreamy effect and story telling. Her work is featured because of the forms.





Let us bring these colours and textures into our built spaces.
Collect and include.
Natural organic shapes, free form patterns, rough textures in fabrics and muted tonal colours.
Teals, pale olives, navy, even grey. Canvas base colours would be raffia, sands, biscuits.
Please don’t do matchy matchy,
It is all about flowing forms, gentle shapes.
Minimalism is out, subdued clutter is in. For a creative inspiration look at the natures images, there is so much happening, but it is peaceful.
Linens, honeycomb furniture shapes, coarse leathers, irregular designs, nothing too shiny or smooth. Find irregular woods and grainy marbled tiles. Cocoon and birds nest like.







In interiors we take the current colours of “Teal, turquoise, mustard and mint, with a touch of purple.”

Reduce the intensity of the Chroma so they are adjusted for our Australian light.
This would mean adding a touch of grey. Light grey for a pastel or mid to dark for a tone.
These can be mixed with the pure chroma colours for zest and life.

The interior trends for 2016 and beyond are subdued or muted colours with wood.
Wood wood and wood is everywhere now. With rattan, linen, stone (concrete) and terracotta clay work.
Key look and feel for an interior space would be less static, the interior elements have a sense of movement to their design.
Look for pattern that has a lot happening, is almost collaged and individual ( rather like the butterfly effect). No two pieces would be alike.
A contemporary tribalism. There is a lot of ‘busyness’ the muted colours and natural textures will make this design trend more liveable.

I also am picking up on copper.
Copper and Bronze are warm and colours. They have the inviting properties of gold without the brashness. I am loving some of these images for copper ideas, how amazing to see them with wood and the green pops.

For Wood work currently available, have a look at this work.
Uniqwa Furniture.
Founder of Uniqwa Furniture, Charl van Heerden was born in South Africa, but studied Furniture Design & Technology at RMIT in Melbourne. “I am and always have been inspired by the culture that I grew up in. It is such a creative place where people use materials often overlooked to create the most amazing pieces of art. I have learned that there is the potential for beauty in everything around us, but it is the way we use it, the way we see it and the way we apply it that makes it beautiful.” Uniqwa Website.

A strong example of natural recycled hand crafted timber for interiors is the product range at Deziner Panels.
“Timber Panel range is produced from recycled timber from old ships and structures. Such timber is becoming rare and precious, our panels are a way to continue their life. Each Recycled wall panel is handmade with great care and excellence. Visual stress marks, splits, indentations, knots and cracks are natural characteristic’s for our products.” Deziner Panels.
I covert this bench panel for a client!
Deziner Panels

Always take your environmental colours and textures, (those you see outside) into your interiors, think too about taking the quality, design and décor into your outside. Creating outside rooms within your garden spaces.

Paint colours would be.
Haymes, they have one of the best colour ranges available for Australian light and appeal to our sense environment.
Haymes – Green Lilly.
Haymes Pale Ivy.
Haymes Amherst Fog.
Haymes Slush.
Haymes Ocean Wave.
These are available on their site.





The Moment.

Now and in the Future.
The Colour of the moment is about now.
In this blog we will chat about now – what is immediate and then the Trend in the future for 2016 and 2017.
Look around.
We are immersing ourselves in these colours .
They are prevalent in fashion, home wares, interiors, and design.

“Vibrant Teals, turquoises, mustards and mints, with a touch of purple.”

The colours indicate a necessity for harmony, peace, trust and longevity. The yellow is interesting in that it represents creative and intellectual thinking. Globally people will instinctively reach for these. They will wear them and choose to live in them.

Textures and patterns at ColourUp we have been picking up on are chaotic, mirror images, glass, and quite angular. Not soft fluffy and round. Repeated patterns.
Tribal in appearance but with a futuristic flair.
Almost butterfly in effect and illusion. Lets understand the teal, turquoise, mustard and mint, with a touch of purple vibe!
(For the next colour movement 2016 – 2017, look to our Interiors and Lifestyle sections.)

However, what do these NOW colours mean?

The clean clear greens. The traditional colour for peace, ‘offering an olive branch.’
However there is also a strength of character with it that can overcome adversity to develop an understanding and caring of the feelings of others. This is the colour of balance and harmony. From a colour psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart.

From a meaning of colours perspective, green is also the colour of growth, the colour of spring, of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy. It is the sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well being. This is why there is so much of this relaxing color on the earth, and why we need to keep it that way.
Green is an emotionally positive colour, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. A natural peacemaker.

Bright and the teals. A colour of true contentment, azure inspires determination and ambition to achieve great things, a sense of purpose in striving for goals.
This colour is one of trust, honesty and loyalty. It is sincere, reserved and quiet.
From a colour psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible. This colour exhibits an inner security and confidence. You can rely on it to take control and do the right thing in difficult times. It has a need for order and direction in its life, including its living and work spaces.
This is a colour that seeks peace and tranquility above everything else, promoting both physical and mental relaxation.
Blues into the teals and turquoises.
The traits are friendship, communication, empathy and caring. They would also indicate a heightened sense of heart space and love.

Mustard Yellow.
Yellow. Mustard, it is yellow with an black added.
Yellow is the colour of the networker and the journalist, all working and communicating on a mental level. Yellow is the scientist, constantly analyzing, looking at both sides before making a decision; methodical and decisive.
This colour relates to acquired knowledge. It is the color which resonates with the left or logic side of the brain stimulating our mental faculties and creating mental agility and perception.
With the almost tinge created by adding the black required to make mustard. Green / mustard would intimate that thoughtful fullness of growth directions are required.
The black added to yellow would be on own terms, almost rigid in thinking.









Being attracted to colours and selecting them is all about your personal timing.
What energy and vibe you are seeking now.
What you want to feel and communicate.

Lifestyle for the colour groups of

Green –
There are many many greens.
Green would be suited to areas that require calm and relaxation. However in bright pure hues the green provides energy.
Between blue and green!
With energies of both. No one ever tiers  when looking at the sea.
Is a great all rounder.
It works with everything. No surprises there.
Blue behaves well in our light, relates to our identities and no one could imagine life with out the sky

The Scarlet OPUS Group have a colour trend category called Belo Rio, named after the 2016 Olympics games host city. It is bright, chaotic, a collage feast of liveliness and energy. A fine example of the current trend of brighter colours.
But it is the muted soft colours of teal, greens and blues to come in and after 2016, that unite the organic, hand crafted ( knitted/crocheted), vintage, recycled products. Many classify as Nomadic, unisex and tonal.
These soft colours unite a potentially chaotic mix of textures and patterns  I look forward to living with.
Enjoy where we are now and where you are going to go!

For trend detail from UK.

Bisque Interiors for Lifestyle 2015 AIFF.



Roam Like Queens, Womens Travel to Morocco.

Colleen is an adventurer, lover of beauty, nature and the human spirit.
She is a visual artist and designer, so it is unsurprising that the feast of textures, music, ritual and dance that her travels , especially those to Morocco exhilarate her and those she travels with.
Colleen sees life as a great celebration, laughter , beauty and adventure being her preferred medicines.
Enjoy her insightful comments on colour.

Your bio in a few words.
I am a beauty hunter/maker, relying on intuition, joy and my heart strings to lead me in the right direction.  Over the hills and dales of life, I have committed to do only what makes my heart sing and to fuel joyous memories for those around me.  Colour has played an important role in my life, manifest in creating recyclage sculpture, found silk scarfs, jewellery, beautiful clothes and adornment.  I have the enviable honour to take adventurous women travelling around Morocco with my tour business ROAM LIKE QUEENS.

Your favourite colours in MOROCCO.
My favourite images and memories of colour in Morocco hale from the Sahara region.  The shy, women of Mhamid wrapped in their tie dye MLEHFA (saharan style cloth)  an image burnt into my memory…magnificent, floating cloth blowing around their bodies in the gentle, desert breeze…protective, modest and elegant…purple and brown, yellow and fuchsia, black and orange…the colour combinations are endless and inspiring…much braver than we Melbournites who so love black, black and black!  And just to keep me happy with the basic black idea, there are the Ait Kabash tribeswomen who wear black, full head to ankle cloths covered in fluorescent, wool embroidery with centrally placed symbols, depicting tribe and personal stories.  No two cloths are the same…hence, my collection is building!

Your personal favourite Colour now.
My favourite colour right now is clear, vibrant, alive yellow!  I have never really liked yellow all my life up until now.  When I see the “right” yellow my heart skips a beat!  I am finding it delicious all of a sudden.  My chakra informed friends tell me its the colour of the solar plexus and indicates a “coming home to one’s self”, a truth colour.  Feels good to me!

Your personal favourite colour combinations.
I wear many colours.  I love red, green, magenta and black.
Right now I am loving and wearing black and white…to match my greying hair!
I have always loved and worn parrot green, not emerald, not lime, not pea…I am quite specific.
I particularly love magenta with the right kind of print…my floaty, feminine african wax fabric dress is currently one of my most fun things to wear…big, loud watch faces printed all over.
I love to wear colour drenched pure silks and wools.  Silk and wool drink up pigments beautifully.  I am often found in opportunity shops sourcing outfits and accessories to re-dye in my beat-up, aluminium dye pot.

Colour, how do you use it and think about it?
I am a good improvisor.  Any coloured item can find a special corner in my home…creating a story, conjuring a dream, sparking a memory or inspiring the onlooker…whether it’s me or a visitor…if it makes someone feel comfortable and smile, I am a happy woman!

What colour do you dislike & why?
I really don’t like muddy colours.  To me they don’t “sing”.  I don’t mind creamy colours…I believe there is a big difference between muddy and creamy!  I once did a short course in Feng Shui and learnt that gut feeling is a good thing to follow with decor, line, ambience and colour.  Colour, edges, lines and feel definitely register on my radar.

Is there someone / something who /that has influenced your life with colour.
Or both?
How and Why?
I remember as a little girl finding a print of Henry Rousseau – THE DREAM.  The lush jungle greens still excite me today and I lose myself in this painting.
I love Patricia Guild’s work.  She is an inspirational woman, spreading the love for colour, texture and placement.
Kaffe Fassett…I love a man who knits!…with his magnificent and intricate patterns going from small honeycombs to sharp diamonds, earth tones moving into pinks and magentas, oatmeals and greys, moss green to soft lichen and nature inspired combos…Kaffe was my favourite 1970’s textile discovery.
And last but not least…Hundertwasser, a multi-faceted artist bringing together architecture, colour and form into domestic building, life spaces and gardens…love that man’s work.

In your travels what country is doing colour well?
My favourite place in the Rif Mountains of Northern Morocco, called Chefchouen, is a gentle little city full of calm and happy folk, the local women dressed in colourful straw hats and striped aprons.  The signature colour of this city is all shades of pastel blue…each house and corner painted with just as much, or just as little blue pigment added by it’s individual painter to chalk white paint…resulting in a cool, easy on the eye, blues drifting into blues, magical town often dubbed “the prettiest village in Morocco”.
(Eg I am fascinated by the Norwegian house colours.)

In your travels, Is there a trend in colour you are noticing?
I am noticing a trend to clean, sharp contrasts in black, white and charcoal with the addition of one more colour.  I particularly love black, white, charcoal and yellow.

What colour is your luggage?
Always black, never to clash with what I am wearing!…but always with a signature scarf tied to the handle for identification!  At the moment my luggage is wearing a jungle botanic print silk scarf, suitably exotic for my travels!





Travel for Trends.

Lets travel the world though these few images and the emerging trends of –Colour, now, this moment it is bright, but future 2016 and beyond, colour will be more subdued. Same hues of green and blue, just greyer more tonal and with less intensity. Would I ‘ frighten’ a generation if I warned them here that in my travels, salmon will be back!

Complicated handcrafted product is peeping through everywhere.
This takes us into lighting, fabrics not just shapes and patterns.
As a colour designer, I love the over the top involvement and inclusion of so many patterned and textural components.
These images from Hong Kong combine the very man made and old ways.



Always the fore runner for interiors and decoration.
Now. It is Brights, but in these images you can notice the emerging  trend of softer muted tones. Patterns that are Tribal, Ikat,  Japanese inspired water prints, almost tie dyed.
Key words would be slouchy and comfortable. Unstructured. This will be appearing in furniture too. Not just the frocks.

Watery, Japanese inspired fantastical nature!
I have a divine Jessica Zoob print here. One of our most current artists.
That shows us the Colours and yes the salmon! Lets all demand her divine fabrics can be made into fashion clothes to wear. Soft silks slouchy designs! X